2014 Mainstream Media Doubted Elon Musk Could Make Batteries for 500,000 Tesla Cars in 2020: Here’s What Else They Didn’t Believe in

(Tech Times) – A recent tweet by @SamTalksTesla details how back in 2014, there was hardly anyone who believed in Elon Musk when he previously declared back in February of that year that he would build a huge GigaFactory that will eventually employ about 6,500 employees and be able to make enough batteries for about 500,000 Tesla cars by the year 2020.

Another amazing accomplishment is that in May of that year, Elon Musk also revealed that the Dragon 2, a certain SpaceX craft, would finally be able to carry astronauts all the way into space. These are only a few things that Elon Musk was underestimated in and currently, the centibillionaire proves himself to the world.

Elon Musk’s previous struggles
Elon Musk’s name is now widely known and respected but a couple of years back, when he just sold PayPal and used the money to start up Tesla and SpaceX, it was hard to believe that the current billionaire would ever really amount to much. This was because of the huge failures that he has experienced in the past but still, he has reluctantly pushed on.

SpaceX was on the brink of bankruptcy and only had funds for one more launch and to everyone’s surprise, the last launch worked! Due to the success of SpaceX’s supposedly last launch, the company was able to land contracts with NASA to continue their journey and take on much bigger projects not just with NASA but also with other plans that Elon has.

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SpaceX’s work nowadays
SpaceX work with NASA involves planning to send actual astronauts to Mars and in order to do that, they have to first master many trips to the moon. This is an exciting thing for SpaceX because the repetitive moon trips and trips to the ISS would mean an upgrade in rockets every once in a while since with every rocket, there is additional data that can be used for upgrade development.

Aside from this, SpaceX along with NASA actually plan a to be able to “observe” the said golden asteroid by the year 2022. This is a particular asteroid that is said to have about $700 quintillion worth of gold in it. Although the value due to its quantity could possibly decrease, mining the asteroid would mean a huge supply of funds for SpaceX and Elon Musk to be able to further more projects and speed up expansions and timetables.

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Elon Musk’s upcoming Starlink
Aside from NASA, SpaceX has been working closely with Starlink and although Starlink has not gone public yet, there is a noticeable amount of growth within the company after launching its beta testing with the few satellites that are already in space. SpaceX will be sending even more Starlink satellites into space in order to provide internet connection worldwide to certain places that have an unreliable internet connection or maybe do not have internet connection at all.


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