Beware! iThrive Network Is A Ponzi Scheme

Even to the inexperienced eye, iThrive Network looks shabby. It seems that little or no effort was put into iThrive as it does not even bear any semblance with any well disguised Ponzi/pyramid scheme much less a legitimate investment opportunity in the Multi-Level Marketing world. iThrive is what it is – a basic, badly put-together Ponzi scheme.

iThrive does not even fit into a niche market. It has no underlying business, asset, or product that could be invested in except its affiliate membership. In an attempt to avoid the Federal Trade Commission’s scrutiny, iThrive launched an online training opportunity. This does not stop it from being a scam though.

An MLM company has to be clear about who owns or runs it. This is fundamental to proving legitimate. iThrive falters here too. There is no information about who owns or runs it on its website. However, a little digging around reveals that it is owned by the same brain behind iPro network. iPro Network is a collapsed cryptocurrency-based Ponzi scheme. Its collapse gave rise to the resurgence of iThrive Network.

As expected, iThrive runs a complex business model that merges both the unilevel compensation plan and the binary compensation structure. This business model places an investor or an affiliate atop a team of investors with each personally recruited affiliate placed under them down an infinite number of levels. This business model helps thrive to shuffle funds amongst its affiliates in order to create an illusion of earnings.

Also, the iThrive MLM opportunity is decorated with different commissions and bonuses meant to put pressure on affiliates to invest and reinvest, to reward and incentivize leadership and high ranking, and to pressurize affiliate recruitment. Residual commissions, leadership bonuses and a whole lot of bonuses that should make a shrewd investor question the legitimacy of iThrive.

Furthermore, iThrives’ eligibility quota makes it difficult for investors to earn much. A high group volume is needed in order to earn. As such, only a few early adopters can earn much from iThrive. That leaves the vast majority of investors at a loss.

There is also the problem of returns on investment. At iThrive, returns are high and guaranteed. This is a clear deviation from the norm. In the world of true investment, returns could be high but nothing is guaranteed.

As common with other Ponzi schemes, iThrive would crash as soon as new recruitment stalls. Early adopters would cash out leaving most investors with losses.

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