Why You Should Think Twice About Investing In AZULI SKYE

Deborah McNaughton’s AZULI SKYE is another example of a small business that turned fairly big. From being a “dining room” jewelry business in 2008 to a company that affords investors an “unlimited income potential” in 2020, AZULI SKYE looks like a path to financial freedom.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with AZULI SKYE as a business, the structure of its Multi-Level Marketing opportunity raises or should raise concerns. Of course, it cannot be said outrightly that AZULI SKYE is illegitimate. Yet, there are red flags no well-meaning investor should overlook.

A look at AZULI SKYE’s compensation plan reveals that earning much as an investor would be quite difficult if not almost impossible. At a time when skepticism about MLM is at its peak, the sales quota and the criteria of eligibility at AZULI SKYE are high.

For an investor to earn, a personal sales volume, group sales volume, and a specific number of personally recruited investors. Should an investor manage to sell personally, that investor still has the Herculean task of convincing other people to invest in order to really earn.

Limited earning opportunity put aside, there is an underlying and unpronounced reliance on new investors. AZULI SKYE subtly prioritizes and rewards affiliate recruitment. It incentivizes recruiting new investors through commissions and bonuses found in its compensation plan.

Truly, networking is necessary for business growth today. With AZULI SKYE though, one gets the impression of another Ponzi scheme in disguise.

Nothing is guaranteed in the investment world. Fluctuations rules and nothing is guaranteed. What AZULI SKYE presents is the exact opposite of the norm in the investment world. Investors are promised guaranteed returns on investment. There is no room for volatility, and that is a deviation from the reality of investing.

It seems, also, that AZULI SKYPE avoids bearing the cost of marketing and promotion its products. It cleverly makes its investors bear these costs by promising commissions for meeting largely unachievable promotional goals.

AZULI SKYE might not necessarily crash when investor recruitment stalls but it is expected that existing investors might opt to cash out as it becomes more difficult to meet up with the requirements.

The price to be paid for financial freedom is high enough. Following AZULI SKYE’s path to it makes it more expensive. Clever investors would steer clear. You should too.


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