Beware! Fundz4Covid-19 is a scam

It is true that fraudsters are always on the lookout for new opportunities to rake in wealth for themselves. Today, there are myriads of scam schemes eroding our business and finance space. Fundz4Covid-19 is a recent addition.

The timing is perfect. Fundz4Covid-19 comes at a time when the public is trying to come to terms with the realities of life and living in a pandemic-disturbed economy. Fundz4Covid-19 poses as a government relief funds scheme.

While there has been a lot of talks about how to government intends to deliver relief funds and relief packages to the public, Fundz4Covid-19 is too shabby to be considered a government-sponsored relief scheme.

For one, the process of being eligible to access the so-called government relief funds on Fundz4Covid-19 is just too easy to be considered a government effort. All that is to be done to complete a three-itemed survey, share the Fundz4Covid-19 opportunity to seven WhatsApp groups, and then supply some bank details.

This process does not reflect the rigorous verification process that would ideally characterize a federal government-sponsored relief program. The Fundz4Covid-19 relief opportunity is just too good to be true.

Also, the overall look of Fundz4Covid-19’s website ( is too poor to be suitable for a government-sponsored relief program. Interface design aside, the standard is just not there to be seen. One gets an image of a haphazardly put together, cheap scam site.

Furthermore, there is nothing to prove that the Fundz4Covid-19 scheme is government authorized. There is no traceable link to the Central Bank of Nigeria or to any financial body at all.

Come to think of it, if the federal government needs the account details of the members of the public for the disbursement of relief funds, surely, she has access to the national banking database. Why would a federal government program seek banking details through a shady website?

A Google search of the Fundz4Covid-19 opportunity gives no tangible information about this “relief scheme”. Members of the public had better beware of this scam plot.


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