Why You Should Not Invest in NUeverGold

NUeverGold International is a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) company operating in the health and wellness niche market. It was founded in 2003 in Germany and has spread over Asia, Europe, and the United States of America, and lately, Africa. It claims its strength lies in the use of medicinal vegetables to cure a range of diseases.

Everything about NUeverGold and its business offering shows that it is just another disguised pyramid scheme in the already Ponzi scheme saturated health and wellness market. With over the top promised returns, a complex compensation plan, and unverified marketing claims, NUeverGold is a typical example of an investment scam

The first put off that prospective investors are slapped with is the manner in which the company presents its management team. Apart from the comical use of stock photos, the designation is unprofessional for a company with more than 15 years of corporate existence. NUeverGold presents some “Mr Stevewill” as its Chief Operating Officer, “Mr Roy” as its advisory officer, and another “Mr Stevewill” as its Global Chairman. Do these people, if they exist at all, have other names?

NUeverGold markets a broad range of health products split into different categories. It claims that its products are ISO certified, and NAFDAC approved. It also list a myriad of health authorization bodies that have approved its product. Surprisingly, NUeverGold does not provide proof that it has been approved by any of these authorities.

NUeverGold emphasises sales, retail and affiliate recruitment. An individual investor has to maintain a high sales quota and a high number of recruits to really earn. This is also a ploy on the part of the company to make investors bear the sales and marketing costs it should have been bearing.

Also, the “hybrid binary” compensation plan NUeverGold runs on as well as it ranking system incentivizes sales and affiliate recruitment heavily. The company’s offering is swathe in commissions and bonuses. An investor has access to product retail profit, direct sponsorship income, upgrade bonus, pooling or paring income, rank achievement bonus, leadership bonus, overriding team bonus, car awards, home rewards, and travel and cash rewards.

Why would a company with such a unique and long selling product need all of these incentives? All of these bonuses cumulatively add up to an unbelievable 100 percent ROI. At this point, smart investors would have figured this is a scam.

Guaranteed returns are not the deal in the realm of true investments. But that is what investors get at NueveGold. The company might not crash due to a stall in affiliate recruitment but it would surely be affected when investors cannot meet up with the high sales quota. A crash is certain


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