NYU student demands professor be fired over anti-mask comments

A New York University student demanded that her professor be fired for allegedly telling students that wearing face masks doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to a report.

Julia Jackson accused her communications professor, Mark Crispin Miller, of using his position of power to boost far-right conspiracy theories and discredit medical professionals in class, according to NBC New York.

“An MCC tenured professor spent an entire class period telling students that wearing masks doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID-19, and that hydroxychloroquine trials were made to fail so more people would be given the vaccine and have their DNA changed,” Jackson tweeted at the school Sunday.

“I have forwarded the emails to the NYU bias hotline,” she added, while accusing the teacher of running his own “conspiracy website.”

But Miller said he cited scientific studies during his “Mass Persuasion and Propaganda” class which backed up the claim that face coverings aren’t effective in stopping the spread of flu-like respiratory diseases.

He also called Jackson’s tweets “venomous” and said he in fact encouraged students to abide by the university’s mask mandate — claiming he was just simply thinking critically about it.

“I do believe they should be thinking for themselves…It’s one thing to expect the students to obey their institution’s rules, but quite another thing to urge them not to think about it,” he wrote on his blog Monday. “That’s my intellectual and civic obligation.”

In response, NYU sent an email to students in Miller’s class reminding them to wear face coverings.

“Amid the reports about this online class, we have communicated directly with the students in it to remind them of the guidance from health authorities,” the university said in a statement, according to NBC New York.


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