Why ArbitStar’s Refund Plan is an Exit-Scam Plot

What happens when a Ponzi scheme crashes? The majority of investors count their losses, the admins and the early adopters, if they can, cash out, and the “owners” disappear into thin air. The prospect of any kind of compensation being paid to investors who have lost money does not exist except in Santi Fuentes’ world.

Santi Fuentes is the CEO of ArbiStar, a MultiLevel Marketing Trading Ponzi scheme. ArbiStar could be said to have been destined to fail not just because most Ponzi schemes fail in the end but because it was badly packaged, to put it mildly.

Astonishingly, Fuentes would not just disappear like most owners of Ponzi schemes do. Instead, he intends to pull a sixteen-month long refund sham.

According to him, ” the payments will be made in the following manner: first, those who did not recover the contribution from their account will be paid. Next will be those who have earned money on their accounts, received more on their return than the contribution they initially contributed. There will be more than 2000 monthly payments, which is expected to be collected in 16 months but in reality will be much faster.”

Clearly, Fuentes is trying to buy time and to silence the victim of his scheme. Definitely, there would not be a Fuentes anymore before the 16 months refund timeline ends.

The Pyramid model Ponzi schemes run on ensures that new investments are paid to existing investors. By implication, new investments brought in by newly recruited investors are continually being shuffled to create an illusion of earnings amongst investors. ArbitStar crashed because new investments stalled.

The 16 months refund plan is impossible and unrealistic. The math behind Ponzi operation creates no room for reimbursement or refunds. A deficit is created when the flow of money is thwarted by a shortage of new investments. ArbitStar’s investors have learnt the hard way.

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