Why Investors Should be wary of FCB Trades

FCB Trades is a Multilevel Marketing company operating in the forex niche market. Essentially, FCB Trades is or operates as a Ponzi scheme. Its structure and its offerings sells it out. It does have some peculiar traits though.

FCB Trades is a scam in its entirety. In an attempt to appear legitimate, it provides a UK Incorporation and a Netherlands’ trademark registration. The UK Incorporation is well known to being used by scammers who want to incorporate their companies. As such,the UK Incorporation does not hold water.

FCB Trades claims to be a subsidiary of Cervantes Limited. The Dutch Certification it provides dates back to 2011 and it belongs to Cervantes Limited. In effect, FCB Trades is unregistered.

It is comical how FCB Trades handles and presents its owners. It uses stock photos to represent its four CEOs. Obviously, none of the people it presents as CEO exist. The corporate information provided about FCB Trades is not true.

FCB Trades has no underlying asset, business, product or service that could be invested in. What it markets is it affiliate membership. This is the basis of a Ponzi scheme. What would happen if there is a stall in affiliate recruitment could be easily envisaged.

FCB Trades claims it is into forex and cryptocurrency trading. It claims it has a ” Unique blend of physical business, Bot-trading and forex trading with Experienced Team and huge backup.” It also claims to be a ” reliable company with a flawless reputation that works in the sphere of forex trading and involved in the financial activity round the globe.”

However, there is no proof of trading at all. As it stands, the only verifiable revenue source for FCB Trades is investments from investors. This makes it a Ponzi scheme.

Funny enough, the marketing pitch found on FCB Trades’ website is similar to the ones found the more than 2000 suspicious investment schemes’ websites.

Furthermore, FCB Trades offers a passive investment opportunity which makes it guilty of securities fraud. FCB Trade does not provide any proof of being authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission in any jurisdiction it is soliciting investments from.

FCB Trades, with its structure, incentivize affiliate recruitment. It runs on a binary structure that places an affiliate atop a binary team of affiliates to make a binary level. Other levels are generated down an infinite number of levels with each position housing twice as many as the former position .

With this structure, FCB Trades not only shuffles investments to create a semblance of earnings amongst investors but also accentuates affiliate recruitment as a criterium for moving up the ranks and earning more.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, a crash ensues when an unavoidable stall in affiliate recruitment leads to a stall in revenue. The faceless admins and early adopters would cash out. Majority of investors would count their loses.

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