Pittsburgh Police charges three BLM protesters over harassment of diners

Three Black Lives Matter protesters have been charged in connection with the harassment of diners in O caught in now-viral videos, according to a report.

Shawn Green, Kenneth McDowell and Monique Craft were all hit with charges Monday for being the alleged ringleaders in the disturbing Labor Day weekend incidents, WPXI said.

Craft, who identifies as non-binary and is known as Nique, was charged with theft by unlawful taking and disorderly conduct after admitting chugging an elderly couple’s beer during the outrage, the station said.

The protester — who was seen in videos wearing a shirt reading “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” — previously admitted in interviews that she did it, but claimed she was not the “aggressor.”

McDowell was identified in the criminal complaint as being the ringleader who screamed obscenities at those eating outside the Sienna Mercato restaurant — and then had an angry confrontation with the manager of a McDonald’s, WPXI said.

His charges included possessing instruments of crime, disorderly conduct and harassment, the station said.

Green — also known as Lorenzo Rulli — swore at diners, gave an elderly couple the middle finger and screamed abuse through the open window at a front of a restaurant, the complaint said.

Green’s charges include disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

The tactic of browbeating outdoor diners has also been used in other cities across the country, including Washington, DC.

In many, diners are screamed at if they refuse to raise a fist in support of BLM, with mobs screaming that “white silence is violence.”


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