Kim Kardashian pulled out on reality TV career after ‘final warning’ from Kanye West.

The 39-year-old stunned fans across the globe last week when she announced that her family’s long-running reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians will end in 2021 after 14 years on air.

Rumours have been rife that Kim, who shares four children with rapper Kanye West, 43, pulled the plug on the hit series after her husband’s public breakdown last month amid the American presidential elections.

Now, an inside source has revealed that following the couple’s make-or-break trip to the Dominican Republic in August, Kim made the difficult decision to end Keeping Up With The Kardashians in order to work on her crumbling marriage.

Speaking to New Magazine, the insider claimed that Kim was behind the decision, and delivered the blow to the Kardashian-Jenner clan following her trip with Kanye.

“She made a vow to him to stop doing the show which he’s always hated as a part of their new marriage pact. Kim is adamant it’s the best decision for her marriage following a string of personal woes this year,” the source explained.

After addressing the matter with her momager Kris Jenner, 64, her mum begged her to change her mind amid fears that their empire would fall to pieces without the veneer of the show.

While Kris and Khloe both toyed with the idea of carrying on the legacy without Kim, it’s believed that they both came to the realisation that Keeping Up Without The Kardashians would be nothing without the sister who catapulted the entire family to global fame.

Despite endless pleas from her sisters and momager, Kim settled on the idea that in order to save her marriage, she would have to choose between her reality TV career and her husband – there simply was no in between.

The insider added: “Kim insisted it was time to put her marriage first as she admitted how many problems it created between her and Kanye. It’s no secret that Kanye has never felt comfortable with cameras following their lives, and he’s been trying to get Kim to stop since they met.

“Things reached breaking point between them earlier this summer, and Kim knew she had to make a choice following a final ultimatum from Kanye.”

Back in July, hit-maker Kanye criticised his wife during a series of explosive rants where he dropped the bombshell that Kim had considered aborting their first child North, 7.

The star, who lives with bi-polar disorder, also claimed that Kim had been unfaithful with fellow rap artist Meek Mill after the pair ‘spent a night together’ in a hotel.

Following the explosive Twitter rant, Kanye insisted that he had been trying to divorce Kim for over two years, and also targeted her mother Kris who he claimed was constantly interfering in their marriage.

After his dramatic outburst, Kim and Kanye have been working to get their marriage back on track for their four beloved kids.