Beware! Richway GAM is a Ponzi scheme

Simplicity might be the hallmark of genius but it is not to an excuse for low quality. In the Multi-Level Marketing world, a company, a brand, or even a Ponzi scheme could be simple or complex in outlook and structure. That does not really matter. What matters most is the top-notch offerings investors can tap into. Being simple and mediocre is unacceptable.

Richway GAM is not just a simple Ponzi scheme. It is low class. Its owners, one can infer, put very little effort into making it convincing.

The ownership factor is the first problem most smart investors would have with Richway GAM. It does not provide information about who owns or runs it on its website. There is also no corporate information on its website. Investors should think hard before giving Richway GAM a trial.

Also, Richway GAM does not have any investible or retailable asset, product, business, or service. What it markets is its affiliate membership. This portends a heavy reliance on affiliate recruitment for revenue, and that would be another red flag for discerning investors.

Although Richway GAM provides a UK Incorporation on its website, it cannot still be said that Richway GAM is legitimate. For one, the UK Incorporation is being used by a lot of scammers who are trying to incorporate their illegitimate companies.

More so, Richway GAM, in its offerings betrays the core feature of investment and investing — volatility. Its guaranteed returns does not reflect the fluctuating nature of true investment.

Richway GAM claims it generates revenue from forex trading and cryptocurrency transactions. However, there is no proof that this is true. The only verifiable source of revenue appears to be investment from affiliates. This alone qualifies Richway GAM as a Ponzi scheme.

Richway GAM’s structure is surprisingly simple. It does not use a ranking system to pressure or incentivize high investment and affiliate recruitment as it is common with Ponzi schemes. It uses the unilevel compensation structure to shuffle funds amongst its affiliates.

In all, Richway GAM is a feeble structured, simplistic, and carelessly put together Ponzi Scheme. Its dependence on affiliate recruitment portends a crash should revenue from investment stall.


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