Why Xifra Lifestyle is a Ponzi Scheme

Xifra Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme with a dual ruse — Cannabis and Cryptocurrency. It manages to combine these two “escape routes” into its operational framework. Perhaps its owners thought running on a complicated structure would create a sense of credibility to investors. But what exactly qualifies Xifra Lifestyle as a Ponzi scheme?

Xifra Lifestyle poses as a Multilevel Marketing company. As such, the lack of corporate information on its website is inexcusable. With a little bit of digging around though, an investor finds George Goodman as the purported CEO, especially on Xifra Lifestyle marketing videos. However, there appears to be no information on Goodman outside Xifra Lifestyle. This makes one doubt if Goodman is truly the CEO or if he is just a paid actor.

Like most Ponzi schemes, Xifra Lifestyle has no underlying product, service, asset, or business that could be invested in. Xifra Lifestyle, however, offers a few nutritional supplements with its affiliate membership. These supplements includes male bedroom enhancers, Cannabis Oil, detox supplement, and weight loss supplement.

Xifra LifeStyle runs a system that puts pressure on investors to invest more. Its twelve tiered rank structure ensures this. To move up the ranks, an individual investor has to maintain an investment downline and a certain number of personally recruited affiliates.

Also, the binary and unilevel structure Xifra Lifestyle uses to pay both its residual commissions and matching bonuses. A unilevel payment structure places an affiliate atop a unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them down an infinite number of levels.

A binary payment structure on the other hand, places an affiliate atop a binary team split into two. Each binary level houses twice as many positions as the previous levels. Apart from the fact that this framework is typical of Ponzi scheme, this framework is used to shuffle funds generated by new investors amongst existing investors to create an illusion of earnings amongst affiliates, and investors.

Also, Xifra Lifestyle offers passive returns on investment which makes it a securities offering. Xifra Lifestyle provides no information about being registered with any Securities and Exchange Commission in any jurisdiction it is seeking investments from. As such, Xifra Lifestyle is illegal.

Furthermore, Xifra Lifestyle claims to generate external revenue from the sales of Cannabis and Bitcoin mining. However, there is no proof that this is true. The only verifiable source of revenue for Xifra Lifestyle is investments from affiliates. This is typical of Ponzi schemes.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too will new investment. This would starve Xifra Lifestyle of revenue prompting a crash. When this happens, the owners of xifra Lifestyle, and it early adopters would cash out and a majority of investors would lose their money.

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