Why you should be careful about Investing in Perfectly Posh

To the uninitiated, Perfectly Posh is a true investment scheme. It looks well-balanced and viable given that it does not fit perfectly into the Ponzi mold. Although these conceptions cannot be said to be outrightly wrong, there are grey areas and red flags that point out that Perfectly Posh might not be so perfect.

It is important to note that Perfectly Posh poses as a brand. Its offerings make it a Multi-Level Marketing( MLM) company though. Every investor knows that the ownership of an MLM company has to be clearly spelt out. That is not the case with Perfectly Posh.

Perfectly Posh provides no information about its owners on its website. This information is cannot be found on its social media profiles too. With a little bit of digging around, an investor would find Ann Dalton as the company’s CEO.

” Ann Dalton started Perfectly Posh back in 2011. She brings a strong background in product development, design, promotion, events, and a passion for pampering with the BEST ingredients and USA-made products.”

It should be noted that Perfectly Posh has recently been acquired by LaCore Enterprises which is owned by Terry Lacore. It is unclear why all of this information cannot be found on Perfectly Posh’s website. The omission of vital corporate information leaves a dent on the credibility of Perfectly Posh.

On the plus side, Perfectly Posh does have a large and investible range of products. The company primarily markets a personal care range and nutritional supplements. However, its structure focuses solely, to a large extent, on sales and recruitments.

Perfectly Posh compensation plan revolves around an affiliate’s personal volume. Personal volume is sales volume generated by sales to retail customers as well as an affiliate’s own purchases. Commissions are paid on retail sales.

Also, residual commissions are paid to an affiliate. Residual commissions is determined by the personal volumes of personally recruited affiliates. Perfectly Posh is grounded on affiliate recruitment to drive sales. One wonders what would happen when a decline in affiliate recruitment occurs.

With a simple framework, a light compensation plan, reasonable product pricing, and low affiliate membership fees, Perfectly Posh looks poised as a veritable investment opportunity. Investors should think long and hard though because, as with most Ponzi resembling schemes that depend on new affiliates, Perfectly Posh is prone to crash.

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