Why Control Traders is a Ponzi scheme

Yes, there have been and there are still very badly packaged Ponzi Schemes. These haphazardly put together Schemes hardly have a well thought out ruse, and they feature the most basic attributes of Ponzi schemes. Control Traders is not just one of the pack. It is actually woeful. No pun intended but the scammers behind Control Traders did a really bad job at being bad.

There is no information about the owners of Control Traders on its website. Control Traders cannot be linked to anyone. This “omission” is unforgivable especially in the MultiLevel Marketing world.

As it is the case with other Ponzi Schemes, there is no underlying business, asset, service, or product that could be invested in at Control Traders. All Control Traders has to offer is its affiliate membership. This is typical of Ponzi schemes. Control Traders reliance on affiliate recruitment should be a red flag for prospective investors.

Control Traders run on a Unilevel compensation structure that places an affiliate atop a Unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed under them down an infinite number of levels. With this structure, Control Traders create a semblance of earnings by shuffling investments gotten from new affiliates amongst existing affiliates. It is quite obvious what would happen when new investments stalls.

Also, Control Traders advertised return on investments (ROI) is unrealistically high and guaranteed. These ROIs do not reflect the fluctuations that characterize true investments. Nothing is guaranteed in the investment world.

It is worrisome to find out that the marketing material that could be found on Control Traders website is not original. It was lifted word-for-word from other websites. This is gross irresponsibility on the part of whoever the owner of Control Traders is. Surely, a credible MLM company would not do this.

The pay-to-play element caps it all. At Control Traders, an investor has to invest more to earn more. Apart from maintaining a high investment base, an investor also has to recruit a high number of investors to earn more.

Control Traders is a simple Ponzi scheme waiting to crash. Once affiliate recruitment stalls, so would new investments. The faceless admins behind Control Traders and the early adopters would cash out leaving the majority of investors with losses.


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