Healy World is a Health Investment scam

To say that the Health and Medical Devices Multilevel Marketing niche is being infiltrated by Ponzi schemes would be an understatement. The market is being dominated by credibility seeking scam schemes whose owners are not afraid of defiling the “sacred” health grove.

With unpopular health devices, unsupported medical claims, and unverified market reach data, these disguised Pyramid schemes rake in wealth for their owners. Healy World stands out amongst them.

Healy World presents Marcus Schmieke as the “inventor and developer” of its products. Although it is quite difficult to trace the corporate history of Healy World (as it operates in German, and its website provides no corporate formation information), it could be said that Healy World launched its MLM opportunity this year. For one, its purported owner, Schmieke, has no MLM history prior to founding Healy World. As such, the competence of Schmieke in the MLM fora should be questioned.

Healy World’s products are marketed as “wearable devices” though they are bulky with two ear clamps, wristbands, or electrodes placed elsewhere on the body. That is not really a problem though. The problem is with what Healy World claims the device can do.

Healy World claims its device can be used as ” a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, and migraine as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders”

Apart from these, this “super” device is said to be able to also solve a person’s fitness, beauty, skincare, bioenergetic balance, sleep, mental balance, learning aid, and job performance issues.

It is quite unfathomable how a particular device can do all of these. Unbelievability aside, there is no scientific backing to these claims neither has there been medical review carried out to back up Healy World’s claims. It should also be noted that Healy World has failed to prove that it has been certified by any governing medical body around the world. This is not just a red flag. It is enough reason for investors to flee.

Like most if not all Ponzi schemes, Healy World thrives on affiliate recruitment. Its structure and its compensation plan are meant to support this. It also provides incentives that would spur affiliates into working hard to recruit.

Healy world runs both a unilevel and a binary structure that places an affiliate atop a unilevel or binary team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them down an infinite number of levels. It also runs a twelve tiered ranking system. To move up the ranks, an affiliate has to personally recruit a certain number of persons, and genereate a particular amount in downline investments. This would make an affiliate eligible for retail commissions, recruitment commissions, fast start bonus, residual commissions, matching bonus, and leadership bonus.

Apparently, these incentives are meant to keep the pyramid of investors growing. But what happens when there is a stall in investments, and the ” magic device” sales drops? Healy World crashes.

As could be seen in its structure, Healy world is grounded on “pay-to-play” Affiliates have to do more to earn more; to have a high amount in investment downline, and a high number of recruits to be able to earn high.

In all, Healy World is a Ponzi scheme with a sham of a medical device as its underlying product. It is not understandable how a company with over “500,000 customer base” lacks a supportive mediacal document to support its ridiculous claims. Prospective investors better be wary.


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