Couple sue daughter so she can raise her younger brother as they are too poor

A 22-year-old woman has been ordered to raise her two-year-old brother because her parents are ‘too poor’ to look after him themselves.
The woman’s mum and dad took her to court and won their case after they claimed they were too broke to raise their second child.

According to several news reports, the couple in China decided to have a second child, 20 years from their first, after surviving on their child’s monthly allowance.

But once their son was born they realised they couldn’t afford to raise him so asked their daughter, who has been referred to as Le Le, to do so on their behalf, Two Eggz reports.

Le Le is claimed to have managed to financially support herself through college and was looking forward to building a career when her parents asked her to raise her younger sibling.

When Le Le refused they took her to court and won.

The court ordered Le Le to take on the responsibility for her two-year-old brother citing article 29 of the “Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China”.

The rule means adults whose parents have died or are unable to take care of their dependant children have an obligation to take care of their siblings.

The judgement has caused a stir on social media with a majority of people saying the court ruling was unfair.

Critics have dubbed the parents ‘irresponsible’ saying they could have found a job or consulted with Le Le before they had a second child.

According to Two Eggz, there has been an increase in couples having two children without considering the financial impact since China axed it’s one-child policy in 2015.


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