Beware! Investing in Ride To The Future is Riding to Doom.

Ride To The Future is a Multilevel Marketing Company operating in the blossoming but Ponzi scheme saturated Forex and Cryptocurrency niche markets. Ride To The Future, expectedly, claims to be concerned with providing superfast execution of trade transactions. What prospective investors should be concerned about is if Ride To The Future is a veritable investment opportunity or if it is just one of those scam schemes using Forex and Cryptocurrency as their ruse.

The disparity in the corporate information provided about Ride To The Future is worrisome. On its website, Ride to the Future provides no complete corporate address though it claims its head office is in Panama. On its Facebook page, however, Ride To The Future claims it is an Internet Marketing Service in Frankfurt, Germany. This lack of uniformity cannot be overlooked, especially in the MLM world. Also, its CEO, Nair Segura, claims to be a corporate communications specialist. The fact that Segura has no MLM history raises suspicion.

It appears that Ride To The Future relies solely on new affiliates and investors for growth. There is no underlying asset, product, business or service that is being invested in except Ride To The Future’s affiliate membership. This is a typical feature of a low level Ponzi scheme.

Also, Ride To The Future’s ranking system and operational structure emphasises and rewards affiliate recruitment. It runs on a ten tiered ranking system to pay its compensation plan, and the combination of a unilevel and a binary structure to pay its residual commissions.

Each rank has to recruit and maintain a varying number of affiliates, and generate a certain downline investment volume to move up the ranks. Affiliates invest Bitcoin on the promise of an “up to 1.25% daily ROI”, and 10% referral commission is paid on Bitcoin to personally recruited affiliates. It is clear that Ride To The Future uses incentives to pressure affiliates to reinvest and recruit other affiliates — a cardinal Ponzi scheme character.

The Unilevel and Binary structure, essentially, places an affiliate atop a team of affiliates with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them down a infinite number of levels. With this structure, Ride To The Future shuffles new investment amongst investors to create the illusion of earnings.

By offering passive investments, Ride To The Future is a security. But there is no proof that it has been certified by the Securities and Exchange Commissions of either Panama or Germany. There is also no evidence of Forex or Crytocurrency trading or proof that external revenue is used to pay investors. This only confirms the claim that Ride To The Future is a Ponzi scheme.

The pay-to-play feature of Ride To The Future caps it all. The more an affiliate invests, the higher their income potential. This feature accentuates the fact that Ride To The Future is a MLM Ponzi scheme committing securities fraud. Once recruitment stalls, new investments stalls. Ride To The Future crashes and a majority of investors would lose money.


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