Be warned! InFace Invest Group is a Ponzi scheme

Not all Ponzi schemes are grand and complicated. Some are relatively simple and basic in structure and operations. InFace Invest Group belongs to the simple lot.

Perhaps its owners felt a deviation from the basics was unnecessary given that investors are becoming warier of scams schemes trying to convince with vague business models. Nonetheless, InFace Invest Group is a Ponzi scheme with a simple but hard to doubt guise.

Structure and Operations apart, the ownership factor singles InFace Invest Group out as a Ponzi Scheme. As common with a good number of Ponzi schemes, it provides no information about the its owners on its website. A little digging around reveals Danijel Kruljac (InFace Invest Group Team Manager), and the duo of Doran Lazarevic and Mladen Pejic as co-owners.

The business antecedent of these men is a let off for investors. Kruljac has no Multilevel Marketing history, Lazarevic is a popular promoter of Ponzi Schemes, and Pejic happens to be a former police officer turned convicted drug trafficker.

Another red flag is that InFace Invest Group has no underlying product, service, business, or asset to be invested in. All that it offers is its affiliate membership. For investors, this gives off a sense of impending crash. A business based solely on a affiliate or investors recruitment would crumble when new investments stall.

The structure of InFace Invest Group says it all too. It runs on a binary structure that places an affiliate at the top of a binary team split into two sides. The first level of binary team houses two positions. The second level is created by these first two positions into another two positions each. Susbsewuent levels of binary are generated as required, with each position housing twice as many position as the previous level.

With the binary framework, InFace Invest Group shuffles new investment amongst affiliate to create the semblance of earnings.

With different kinds of commissions, InFace Invest Group puts pressure on its affiliates to recruitt, directly and indirectly, new affiliates. To be able to move up the ranks and qualify for higher earnings, an affiliate has to recruit more members. InFace Invest Group needs new members to keep its binary system from crashing.

InFace Invest Group is a feeble Ponzi scheme waiting to crash. New recruitment, with time, will stall. This would prompt a lack of funds to reshuffle amongst existing affiliates. This would eventually cause a collapse ; the majority of affiliates would lose money while the owners and early adopters cash out.


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