Security man suffocates to death after sleeping with face mask on

A security guard with the name Solomon Ede has died after he reportedly slept with a face mask on in his place of work.

This incident happened on Friday 28th August, in Alako area, Abeokuta, Ogun state’s capital.

It was reported that Solomon was well known in the area for always putting on his face mask as one of the safety measures he uses to protect himself from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

According to reports, the 50-year-old had a few shots of local gin (Ogogoro) before he went to bed wearing his face mask.

Solomon’s lifeless body was discovered face down, which suggested that he died of suffocation from the face mask he was wearing.

It was learnt that neighbors who came to fetch water at the compound where Solomon worked, knocked on the gate of the building continuously but there was no response.

The bang at the gate of the building alerted late Solomon’s boss, who opened the gate for the neighbors after which he went to Solomon’s room to check on him.

He noticed that the door was locked from the inside so he forced it open only to find Solomon lying face down on the bed lifeless and with his face mask in his face.

Solomon’s boss was said to have alerted other residents who came to the scene. Many blamed Solomon’s death on his obsession with alcohol.

The deceased’s boss has reported the issue to a police division at Kemta, Idi Aba.

Residents of the area however claimed that the deceased started taking alcohol after suffering depression.

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