Beware! Multimine is a Ponzi scheme.

Multimine is not a hard nut to crack. It is just one of those badly thought out, cryptocurrency-based Ponzi schemes with hardly any attempt at a proper disguise. Its impending failure is guessable not just because all Ponzi Schemes fail in the long run but also because of the very weak framework it runs on.

The least any multi-level marketing company can do is to provide information about its ownership. The owners of Multimine are unknown. This makes Multimine outrightly illegitimate. Also, there is no proof that Multimine is certified. There is no authorization from any Securities and Exchange Commission in the jurisdiction multimine is soliciting investments from.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, Multimine provides UK incorporation details for Multi Mine Services LTD on its website. The UK Incorporation is unregulated and it has a pedigree of being home to fraudsters trying to incorporate their companies. The UK Incorporation does not make Multimine legitimate in the least.

Unsurprisingly, Multimine has no underlying business, service, asset, or product that is being invested in. All it has to offer is its affiliate membership. This reliance on new investors only signals that when new investment stalls, Multimine crashes. It could also be said that Multimine shuffle new investments amongst affiliate to create the illusion of earnings.

Multimine runs a unilevel compensation plan that places an affiliate atop a unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them down an infinite number of levels. This clearly spells out a pyramid structure that characterizes most Ponzi schemes. A pyramid structure helps recruit members via a promise of payment for enrolling others into the scheme. Also, Multimine “puts pressure” on its affiliates to become promoters. This would expand their bonuses apart from the initial 5% on funds paid on personally recruited affiliates. This would help keep the pyramid of affiliates in place. This illustrates the pay to play feature of Ponzi schemes.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down so too will new investment. ROI revenue will stall and Multimine would collapse leaving affiliates with nothing but loses.


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