Tronchain is just another trick in the books of a serial scammer

Let’s cut to the chase. Tronchain is a Ponzi scheme and Andreas Kartrud runs it. Tronchain does or would do what other Ponzi schemes does which is to help a few amass wealth at the expense of many, and crash at the end of it all.

It is quite easy to detect the ruse behind Tronchain’s operation. As a prospective investor, you would discover that there is nothing that is being invested in at Tronchain. There is no particular asset, business, or product that is being invested in. The only thing being invested in is Tronchain’s affiliate membership. This apparent reliance on new membership points to the fact that Tronchain is just another Ponzi scheme that waiting to fail.

Tronchain promises investors in the TRON cryptocurrency a whopping 301% ROI. This ROI is to be generated by passive returns on investment, referral commission, and matching bonuses. Even to the inexperienced investor, this promise is too good to believe. Tronchain also seems to guarantee returns on investment. Eyebrows should be raised at any Investment scheme or opportunity that absolutely eliminates the elements of risk and fluctuations.

It is not surprising to find out that Tronchain adopts a unilevel compensation structure. It is common with most Ponzi schemes. This structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them down an infinite number of levels. A full-blown unilevel structure of recruitments would produce a pyramid of recruitments. When new recruits stall, the pyramid stalls; when early adopters opt-out, the pyramid crashes. This is exactly what happened to the first smart contract Ponzi scheme of Andreas Kartrud’s, Etherchain.

Andreas Kartrud holds an impressive scam pedigree. Some of his previous schemes include KryptoGlobe, SwissCoin, Shopping Sherlock, WoToken, and most recently, Etherchain. It is therefore not surprising that Tronchain has the same website template and smart contract script. This should be a concern to potential Tronchain affiliates. Tronchain is just another act in the magic book of Kartrud.

It is obvious that apart from the revenue generated from new affiliates, Tronchain has no other revenue source. Tronchain takes 5% of investment and places it into the top referral pool and 10% of the top referral pool is paid out to the four most active recruiters in 24 hours. What happens to the remaining 90% remains unclear. This vague business model is enough proof that Tronchain is shady.

Tronchain will collapse just like Etherchain did. The Pyramid would stall, investments would stall, and only Kartrud and few early adopters who are wise enough to leave Tronchain’s sinking boat would be called earners in the end.


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