Ship Carrying Dozens of People and Thousands of Cows Capsizes Off Japanese Coast

A cargo ship carrying almost 6,000 cows and 43 people has capsized in stormy conditions off the coast of Japan. Just one crew member has been rescued after the ship sent a distress signal near Amami Oshima island on Wednesday night. The rescued crew member reportedly said the ship’s engine failed after it was smashed by a wave. A typhoon had been battering the region with strong 130 mph winds. The search for the rest of the crew and ship continues, but has so far failed to find any more survivors. The rescued sailor was found after more than half a day in the water and was in good condition, according to the Japanese Coast Guard. An animal-welfare group from New Zealand, where the ship departed from, said the accident shows why live animals should not be transported by cargo ship. “These cows should never have been at sea,” said SAFE NZ.


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