Why you should stay away from Autoxify

It is no news. Many Ponzi schemes today hide under the guise of digital currencies. Some of them, though, do this in grand style. These Ponzi schemes use a vague and complex structure of operation and remuneration. Autoxify is a notable example.

Autoxify does not provide any information about who owns or runs it. It does not provide any proof of certification either. This, of course, is enough reason to doubt its legitimacy.

On its website, Autoxify(dot)com, Autoxify boasts it is a Zero risk scheme. It tells prospective investors that: “you literally cannot lose. With the referral activator coded with 300% more users, our decentralized smart contract is the BEST IN THE WORLD”. Smart investors know that investing is risky. Risk forms the basis of investing. Low risk is acceptable, Zero risk signals a fraudulent scheme.

Autoxify is quite unique. It runs on an hybrid matrix model, a 3×1 and 3×2 matrix precisely. It cycles TRON amongst investors and affiliates using this model. Simply put, it is a 6 position pyramid. It takes 6 investors to a complete a cycle. So, earnings are shuffled amongst the members of an investment circle to create the illusion of earnings. Essentially, Autoxify pays returns to existing affiliates from the contributed TRON of new affiliates. That is typical of a Ponzi Scheme.

At Autoxify, referral is automatic. The Autoxify team adds referrals to the personal structure of investors without fail. Its referral activator is coded with 300% more users, it claims. This great strength is also a red flag because it shows that Autoxify operates solely on new investors. When investor recruit slows down, earnings would stall, and Autoxify would crash.

Autoxify has no underlying asset or business that is being invested in. Its affiliate membership is all that it sells. It promises a consistently high performance, and high, guaranteed investment returns. Investors should be wary. Autoxify is going to crash.


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