United Airlines will off over 16,000 people

(Yahoo Finance) – Months after a promise to employees that involuntary staff furloughs were a last resort, United Airlines (UAL) told its employees Wednesday that the measure has become a reality.

The company will lay off 16,370 of 36,000 workers who received “warn notices” in July.

The layoffs represent about 16% of United’s nearly 100,000-strong workforce prior to the onset of COVID-19, and become effective October 1.

The involuntary furloughs will impact at least 2,850 pilots, as well as 6,920 flight attendants, 2,460 airports operations team members, 2,010 maintenance technicians, 1,400 administrators, 430 contact center employees, 320 catering team members, and 180 network operations center workers.

United said ongoing discussions with pilots’ unions may cause a change to the number of pilots involuntarily cut from the company.

Among the 36,000 employees who received warn notices, some have already taken voluntary temporary and permanent leave, as well as buyouts, and early retirement.

Alexis Keenan is a legal reporter for Yahoo Finance and former litigation attorney.