British Airways’ caterer axes over 2,000 staff

The jobs will go at its 172,000 sq ft new purpose-built headquarters at Heathrow airport.

The Austrian company has been hit by the ­Covid-19 downturn in passenger numbers.

According to The Sun, In a letter to staff, it says: “In most cases we have seen a reduction in workload in excess of 85 percent across all contracts, including British Airways.”

“The proposed redundancies may affect up to 2134 employees across roles defined as either manual, clerical, culinary, managerial or technical out of a total of 2434 employees.”

“But now about 3,000 of them out of a total Heathrow catering workforce of 4,500 are facing the axe as key catering companies refuse to look to the long-term when the aviation and tourism sectors take-off again in the post-pandemic economy.


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