Trump announces millions of dollars to support law enforcement and small businesses in Kenosha

(CNN) – President Trump announced on Tuesday that his administration would be providing millions of dollars in funding toward law enforcement, public safety resources and small business relief in Kenosha and the state of Wisconsin.

“I’m committed to helping Kenosha rebuild. We will provide $1 million dollars to the Kenosha law enforcement so that you have some extra money to go out and do what you have to do,” Trump said during a public safety roundtable in Kenosha.

“I’m also providing nearly $4 million dollars to support the small businesses that I talked about today that got burned up, burned down. And we’re going to be providing over $42 million dollars to support public safety statewide, including direct support for law enforcement and funding for additional prosecutors to punish criminals, and resources to provide services to victims of crime,” he added.

The $42 million, Trump said, was funding Attorney General Bill Barr was pushing for.