CoinJob is a Ponzi Scheme! Invest and get jobbed.

To the discerning eye, the owners of CoinJob did a very bad job at trying to disguise it as a legitimate investment scheme. It is obvious from the structure of its operation that CoinJob has failed the ponzi logic test.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, CoinJob provides a cheap and unregulated UK incorporation certificate on its website. The UK incorporation is known to aid fraudsters who want to incorporate shady businesses. The failure of CoinJob in getting duly authorized and regulated signals that it is an unsafe scheme to invest in.

As with other Ponzi Schemes, CoinJob offers no underlying business, product or services that is being invested in. All it has to offer to investors is its affiliate membership.

The too-good-to-true returns that Coinjob is offering is another red flag. CoinJob’s membership costs a minimum of 0.002 BTC. Investors would receive a daily 4% ROI. CoinJob is literally offering an investor a fortune. If an investor starts off with ten dollars with 4 percent ROI compounded over 500 days, that investor would have over 3 billion dollars. Is that not incredible?

Also, CoinJob provides no evidence of trading. It only manages to shuffle income amongst affiliates to create a semblance of investment earnings. The only verifiable source of revenue is investment from new affiliates. When new membership stalls, CoinJob crashes.

The scam runs on a unilevel pyramid compensation structure that places an affiliate at the apex of a unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them. By convention, this is the way Ponzi schemes are structured. They run a business model that recruits members via promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme. Pyramid schemes, in most countries, are illegal.

CoinJob is a relatively easy to spot Ponzi scheme. The math behind its operation guarantees that when it collapses, majority of participants would loose their money. This collapse would surely be prompted by an inevitably fall in affiliate recruitment.

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