Prison inmate viciously attacked R Kelly – TMZ

R KELLY was allegedly beaten up by a fellow inmate who walked into the disgraced singer’s cell and started punching him.

Federal law enforcement told TMZ that Kelly – who’s charged with engaging in sex acts with five minors and using threats to keep victims quiet – was sitting on his bed when the incident happened at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

According to TMZ, the inmate went on the attack because he was angry about the detention facility being placed on lockdown a couple of times – largely due to Kelly protesters outside the federal jail.

The agency reported that the fight didn’t last long and it was unclear if another inmate or guards broke it up.

Kelly was later examined by a doctor who determined that the singer was OK as he did not have any broken bones or serious injuries.

Back in April, Kelly’s sexual abuse trial in New York was postponed to September 27.

US District Judge Ann Donnelly ruled that the previously scheduled July 7 date was not realistic in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The judge also said at a hearing, which was conducted by telephone, that potential jurors would be summoned to fill out written questionnaires on September 14.

Kelly filed a motion asking to be released on bail, citing multiple confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Chicago jail where he is being held.

Donnelly did not rule on the motion at the hearing, and noted that a judge overseeing a separate federal case against Kelly in Chicago would also have to sign off on any release.

Federal prosecutors in the Chicago case charged Kelly last July with engaging in sex acts with five minors, recording some of his alleged abuse on video, and using threats to keep victims quiet.

Kelly was also charged last February by Illinois state prosecutors with aggravated sexual abuse, and last August by Minnesota state prosecutors with soliciting sex from a minor.


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