Pennywise Investment scam website has disappeared, as investors lose millions to scammers

(Lagos-Nigeria) – The Website of Pennywise Wealth Management ( has vanished from the Internet.

PennyWise Wealth Management website will not return going by the process leading to its disappearance.

A check on who is hosting the website revealed that ( is not being hosted by any Hosting provider.

Pennywise wealth management, a pyramid scheme that promised 2% daily ROI in dollars has crashed leaving with investors funds, we can validate.

A check on the domain details was ran and it was discovered that the website was was Registered in: 2018 at: Tucows Domains Inc.

Pennywise owners had claimed they were undergoing a maintenance upgrade and will be back before 21st August, 2020. Today is 23rd August 2020 and is no longer available on the internet. An error message that says server not found is seen instead.

Worried customers who say they had invested so much money, dollars in the scheme have taken to Facebook to lament their fears and hopes that the site returns.

The collapse of Pennywise Investment scam, is similar to the collapse of MMM Nigeria which led to close to N50 billion in losses.


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