7 Things That Every Golfer Should Have in Their Bag

Golf is a sport that has become very popular over the last few decades. It was once considered to be the sport of middle-aged businessmen, but more and more younger people are drawing great pleasure from the sport and are getting involved. There are some things that every single golfer must have in their bag and that they mustn’t venture onto the course without. 

This page will hope to tell you seven of those must-have things. With the global coronavirus lockdown being reduced, we are now being given the opportunity to step back onto the golf course once more. Make sure you bring all of the seven things listed below!

Golf Bag

If in the past you have struggled or been unable to find a comprehensive list of the most important golf accessories, then look no further than here. You may already have a few accessories, but you will be able to see more here and improve your equipment. While it may seem painfully obvious, considering the title to this page references items being stored in a bag, but you must always have a golfing bag with you. Many golfers venture onto courses without golfing bags, and thus, cannot bring as much equipment and as many accessories as they may need. It is often the newer generation of golfers that think that they can set out for a long day of playing golf with their pockets loaded with tees and ball bags. This is a very inefficient method of playing golf and one that will quickly grow tiring. Always bring a bag and enough equipment to enjoy a long day on the course. Golfing is a game that cannot truly be enjoyed without a lot of accessories, so have somewhere to keep them.


Balls are essential, for obvious reasons. It is often the case though that when you go golfing, ball after the ball goes missing. A long day on the course will very often mean a long day digging through bushes for your balls. There are a few high-tech solutions to help your balls fly straighter, too, thus meaning you lose less. You should always bring a sufficient number of back-up balls so that when you do go golfing you will be able to continue playing without a break. If you run out of balls, your game will obviously stop, and you may be forced into spending money on extortionate golf balls sold in the club store.


It is a frequent sight to see an amateur golfer on the course hitting their golf balls, ripping up huge chunks of dirt as they do so. This is because they have not brought a tee. A tee is a support peg that goes into the ground and has an inverted dome surface where you can put your ball. 

The ball goes atop the domed surface and thus you are able to hit the ball without taking a couple of pounds of dirt with you. Golf clubs will often not allow you to play on their course without tees, so be sure to put some in your bag.


Golf is a sport seldom played on dreary, damp days. Rather, it is in the summer that golfers emerge. When you are spending long afternoons on a golf course, sunglasses are an absolute necessity. Golf is a sport that requires you to keep your eyes open and know where your balls are going, lest they vanish. A pair of sunglasses will mean that you will not be constantly straining. By improving your eyesight, you will be able to focus better and play a better game of golf. Shades are crucial, don’t forget them.


A pair of gloves is another essential that you should pack away in your golfing bag for a day on the course. Gloves will allow you to get a better grip on the golf club and mean that you can make better and more powerful swings. If you do not have a purchase, especially on a hot day when your hands are sweating, you may end up sending the golf club up in the air behind the ball.

Bottled Water

Bringing water along with you in your bag is very important. Playing golf can be very tiresome, but we can become so immersed in the game that we forget to drink water. Drinking water is very important, lest dehydration overtakes you and puts a stop to your game.


As referenced earlier, golf can be pretty tiresome, especially on hot days. Bringing a towel along in your bag is crucial, otherwise, you may find yourself drenched in sweat. Bring a towel to every single golfing session so that you can dry your face. You should also bring a small towel for your balls to clean them before they are returned to their packaging.

Now you know seven essential items that must go into your golf bag (or six, excluding the bag itself!). Golf is a very fun sport that is played all around the world. You would be hard-pressed to go to a single country in the world and not find a golf course. Happy golfing, folks!


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