3 feared dead as police Shi’ites clash in Kaduna State

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria also known as Shiites have claimed that a clash between them and the police on Saturday had claimed the lives of three.

The President Media forum of the IMN (Shiites), Ibrahim Musa said that a combined force of armed police men and thugs violently attacked members of the Movement who were conducting the Ashura mourning session in Kaduna.

“Today, Saturday evening, at Hayin Bello neighborhood, a team of policemen attacked a gathering of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria holding the annual Ashura mourning commemorating the brutal assassination of Imam Husein, the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S) and killed 3 persons instantly.”
“Those killed are: Abubakar Talle, Ali Rigasa, and an unnamed person, with many people injured by gunshots,” he said.

Musa alleged that vehicles of those who attended the mourning session were vandalized, while a vehicle belonging to the police caught fire after falling into a gutter, which led to the burning of a house close to it.

“This year’s Ashura mourning started on Thursday 20/08/2020 coinciding with the beginning of new Islamic calendar 1442 in two other neighborhoods peacefully and is scheduled to culminate on the tenth of Muharram next week,” Musa said.

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