France blacklists OmegaPro as a fraud

In France, OmegaPro has been added to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers’ fraud blacklist.

According to an update by Behindmlm, the AMF is France’s top financial regulator. Their blacklist features companies unauthorized to offer securities.

When it comes to regulatory awareness, the AMF don’t mess around.

OmegaPro was added to the AMF’s blacklist on August 4th, and appears in a list among other fraudulent companies.

However, a reader on Behindmlm claimed that there is no accompanying article or text to explain the blacklisting.

What the brief listing did prompt me to do was take another look into who is running OmegaPro.

My research provided two names; Dilawar Singh (right) and Andreas Szakacs.

Diliwar Singh is cited as a co-owner of OmegaPro. Singh is based out of Germany and, prior to OmegaPro, was an Ambassador of the Omnia Tech Ponzi scheme.

Andreas Szakacs operates out of Dubai. I wasn’t able to confirm an MLM history.

In addition to France, Spain also issued an OmegaPro securities fraud warning earlier this month.


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