Globacom yet to pay 70 former expatriates salary of $1.9Million after 5 years of dismissal

Three years after PageOne Global Business Desk received a group petition from about 70 former expatriate employees of Globacom Nigeria Limited from various parts of India about their unpaid wages and allowances, Globacom Nigeria Limited has still not settled these expatriate.

Pageone earlier reported that these expatriates were employed on a regular employment basis but their contract was not terminated after expiration. However, Globacom refused to pay them their entitlements.

Globacom owe these 70 expats a minimum of two months salaries, leave balances and other allowances totalling USD1.9 million, and despite all efforts made to get their payment from the company, Globacom has still not paid them up till date.

These 70 expatriates have filed cases against the company in the industrial court and have 2 judgements in their favour. However, glo has refused to execute the judgement.

Information reaching us is that Globacom has called the affected employees and offered them 1-month salary in a ratio of 60:40 (60% of their salary in US Dollars and the other 40% in Nigerian Naira).

Globacom also offered to pay them at the rate of N170 per 1 US Dollar, while the current CBN Dollar to Naira rate is approximately 385 Naira per dollar.

Pageone also gathered that all 70 former expatriates rejected the offer.

Pageone also learnt that Globacom Nigeria Limited was banned from employing from India, after the expatriates detailed the Indian government about their ordeal with the Nigerian communication giant.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that Globacom has circumvented the process, as they now go to Dubai to host interviews and ask candidates from India, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries to fly to Dubai for interviews.

It was also alleged that Globacom are now making job offers in the name of Con Petroleum, Conoil, Cobblestone properties ltd., Julius Berger Nigeria plc and Abumet Nigeria, since some Indians are now aware of the ill treatment given to the 70 expatriates and wouldn’t want to work with the company.

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