The American states at the forefront of technology

For generations, the USA has been at the forefront of technological innovation, offering the latest gadgets for entertainment, work, and day-to-day life. The home of many of the biggest names in tech, like Apple, Americans are generally among the first to lay their hands on the latest big idea.

In this article, we will be examining the states within America that make such a big contribution to that reputation, and who are helping to keep the nation in the tech race reckoning, particularly in the wake of powerful competition from the Chinese economy, including its manufacturing hubs and upstart brands.

Our list includes one name you won’t be surprised to see, but you might be surprised by who else we’ve chosen to include.


Where better to start than the home of Silicon Valley? California is recognized as a global centre for tech and serves as the headquarters for Apple. Many of the brand’s most famous products carry the line ‘Designed in California’, helping to entrench the Cali reputation in a very powerful way.

Named for the material used to build MOS transistors and integrated circuit chips, Silicon Valley is California’s own dedicated thriving hub for technology and innovation. The brands to call the Valley home are almost too numerous to count, with giants like Alphabet Inc – the parent company of Google, Facebook, Intel, PayPal, and Adobe all planting their flag in the soil.

One of Silicon Valley’s major strengths is that it brings the most influential and creative people together, creating a true melting pot of ideas and innovation that is the envy of practically everywhere else on the planet.

New Jersey

Our next choice might have you scratching your head, but New Jersey is emerging as a genuine force in the world of tech. Firstly, its proximity to New York City, one of the world’s biggest financial hubs, and its position on the East Coast, makes it an ideal destination for international tech business.

Its relationship with businesses across all sectors is also very positive due to its single tax rate of 6.625%. Unlike many other states, New Jersey does not allow local sales taxes to be imposed, helping create a clearer picture for business owners and start-up entrepreneurs, while organizations like techunited offer funding to support big ideas.

The state is also one of many capitalizing on the global rise of online gambling, with betting and gambling regulations gradually being relaxed. This means that players can bet on sporting events using recognised brands like Unibet and bet365.

These brands are well-established in other western markets and are expected to grow in popularity as their footprint in America grows. You can start and finish your review of sports betting sites in New Jersey at bonusfinder to really get an idea of the choice available.


Though known for many things, tech isn’t the first word that springs to mind when you consider the great state of Texas – although its name has been carried on pocket calculators around the world for more than a generation through the Texas Instruments brand.

But the Lone Star State’s true strength in tech is in its employment stats. Texas is ranked just behind California for net tech employment, while the sector as a whole adds just over $140bn to its economy each year.

Major brands like Apple have noticed the potential and set about constructing a new campus in the State capital Austin. And, while Silicon Valley will likely remain the spiritual home for many leading tech brands, Texas has its own share of major players, operating from major premises, within its boundaries.

We hope this guide has proved to be enlightening in building your knowledge of the tech picture in the USA. Of course, all 50 states contribute to America’s tech landscape in one way or another, and it’s important to remember that the industry doesn’t start and end in Silicon Valley.


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