Lagos government reaches agreement with Uber, Bolt

(Lagos-Nigeria) – The Lagos State Government and ride hailing operators, Uber and Bolt, have reached an agreement on a new guideline for companies operating in the sector.

This came as a result of public outcry by riders over an earlier announced guidelines for e-hailing companies in Lagos, which was to come into effect on August 20.

The agreement was reached after a three-hour meeting today at Marina.

The agreed guideline is set to take effect from August 27, 2020.

Highlights of the agreement include that there must be comprehensive insurance cover for drivers and passengers.

A flat fee of N20 to be known as a Road Improvement Fund and to be levied on each ride.

A reduction of 20 per cent on operational licencing fees.

There must be due diligence and background checks on all drivers.

Riders and drivers are asked to desist from offline trips and transactions.

The firms are mandated to make all necessary data available to the government.


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