Lebanon-based Nigerian footballer, Ifeanyi Ubah Vincent expresses shock after Beirut explosion

Ifeanyi Ubah Vincent beirut

Nigerian Footballer Ifeanyi Ubah Vincent has expressed rude shock following the recent explosions in Beruit, capital of Lebanon.

According to reports, the explosions occurred at the port area in the Lebanese capital with at least 100 people killed while at least 4,000 were injured.

Ifeanyi who arrived in Lebanon earlier this year for a trial with one of the football clubs in the Lebanese Premier League.

He told PageOne.ng in an exclusive chat that he was shocked and confused when the blast occurred on Tuesday in Beruit.

“I was shocked and confused when the blast occurred,” – he said.

Ifeanyi is based in Dora is a suburb north-east of Beirut in the Matn District of Mount Lebanon Governorate which is around 5.5 kilometers to the capital city.

“We just heard a sound, I shouted Jesus! I didn’t know what happened, there was smoke all over the place and I went down because the building shook.”

“I used to see how these things happen on Television when I was in Nigeria, but I saw it live here. It was a terrible and scary experience for me.”

“My plan is to leave the city to try somewhere else since what I came for did not work out. I am wasting here in Lebanon. I’m trying to see if I can get an offer and leave as soon as possible, he concluded.

Global leaders included African footballers have reacted to the blasts in Lebanon, expressing support for the Asian country.


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