Fear in Singapore over fresh outbreak of dengue fever

Authorities in Singapore are calling on residents to be on further guard against raging dengue fever that has left a record number of people infected.

According to NHK, Singapore has been hit by infections of the mosquito-borne fever at a record-breaking pace since around April.

Authorities have confirmed 1,380 new cases last week alone. More than 1,000 cases have been reported for eight straight weeks. As of Tuesday, some 22,403 cases had been confirmed this year.

The National Environment Agency says the coronavirus pandemic is partly to blame because as more people stay at home, they are more likely to be stung by mosquitos.

Officials also point out that puddles that have formed at abandoned construction sites have been left unattended.

They say overall rainfall for June also hit a 10-year high, resulting in more mosquitos.

Experts warn the dengue outbreak may overwhelm medical institutions, as both the new coronavirus and dengue cause fever, and patients need to undergo two tests.

The agency predicts the spike to last till around October. Officials are calling on the use of insecticides and insect repellent and are urging residents to keep their skin covered.