Texas city commissioner, Gabriel Salinas has been killed in gunfight with police

Gabriel Salinas, a city commissioner in Southern Texas was killed amid an exchange of bullets after he opened fire on police officers at his home on Thursday, cops said.

According to New York Daily, Salinas, a Sullivan City Commissioner, died after cops and a sheriff’s deputy responded to a domestic disturbance at his home in the city of Mission, according to authorities.

“As far as I know right now, it was not a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I think that he died as a result of being hit in the transfer of fire,” said Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez, according to The Associated Press.

Dominguez said Salinas’ 39-year-old girlfriend was sent to intensive care at a hospital with “knife slashes,” The Monitor newspaper reported. She was expected to recover.

Her 4-year-old son also was treated for minor injuries to the head and knee, according to The Monitor.

The Texas Rangers launched an investigation into the shooting.

Mission is located in the southern corner of Texas near the border with Mexico.


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