Over 700 people hospitalised, 11 restaurants shut down in Jordan food poisoning

Authorities in Jordan have shut down 11 restaurants following a new wave of food poisoning that resulted in the hospitalization of 30 individuals in the Balqa Governorate, north of the capital Amman, the official Jordan News Agency reported on Sunday.

The latest news comes a few days after a five-year-old boy died and 700 individuals were hospitalized with food poisoning after eating shawarma at a restaurant in the same area.

The victims reportedly fell ill on Saturday after consuming fast food meals in one of the restaurants in the Balqa refugee camp, the governorate’s Health Affairs Director Dr. Wael al-Azeb said, according to news agency.

He also said all patients who were admitted to the hospital are in good to moderate condition.

A team of experts have taken samples to determine the source of the new wave of food poisoning, the General Director of the Food and Drug Administration Dr. Nizar Mhaidat said, according to the news agency.

A video has surfaced online of an alleged raid on a warehouse that distributes food products to the Ain al-Basha area where the food poisoning outbreak occurred. Authorities reportedly destroyed 80 tons of spoiled chicken during the raid, according to Al Arabiya sources.

Meanwhile, 55 individuals remain hospitalized as a result of last week’s food poisoning incident, but all are in stable condition, according to al-Azeb.

Source: Al Arabiya

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