Israeli court orders Benjamin Netanyahu’s son to delete tweet doxing protesters

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Sunday ordered the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, to remove a tweet in which he published the personal information of people leading the protests against his father and calling on followers to protest in front of their homes.

According to Haaretz, the judges also ordered Netanyahu to “avoid harassing in every way, shape and form” the protest leaders for six months.

“I invite you all to protest, day and night (the High Court says it’s allowed) under the homes of these people, who have organized all the anarchy in the country for us in the past few weeks,” the tweet said. It included a picture of a document from the government’s NGO registry, which shows the full names and other personal details of protest leaders.

Netanyahu was called in for a hearing on Friday after members of the management committee of the anti-corruption “New Contract” NGO filed a request for harassment restraining order against him. Netanyahu was notified Sunday morning that he did not need to be present for the hearing.

“Yair Netanyahu published the personal information and called on his gang to punish us,” said attorney Gonen Ben Itzhak, one of the petitioners against Netanyahu. He added that he has received death threats against him and his family since the tweet was posted.

“This is an attempt to send violent gangs who have already went and beat protesters, and some of them are outside the courthouse shouting disgraceful things,” he said.


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