New York City suspends liquor license of Nello


Upper East Side restaurant Nello has lost its liquor license for violating COVID-19 regulations.

According to a report by the New York Post, the New York State Liquor Authority posted the suspension on the doors of the exclusive eatery on Wednesday for violating three executive orders that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had put into place amid the pandemic.

Investigators with Cuomo’s task force “observed at least eight patrons being served food and drink at multiple tables inside the restaurant” as indoor dining remains closed throughout the city.

A rep for Nello told Page Six on Thursday that the restaurant had two tables set up at the edge of the restaurant where all of the doors are open. Nello had two inspections — one in early July and another two weeks prior — where it was told it was “OK” to have the tables there, but inspectors appeared to change their tune weeks later.

“On 7/28 an inspector came and gave us a warning letter for the two tables,” the rep said, “and yesterday SLA suspended the license.”

The rep said they don’t know for how long the license is suspended.

Earlier this week, celeb haunt Cipriani Downtown also temporarily lost its liquor license for COVID-related concerns.


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