As Coronavirus deaths in the US hits 150,000 Miami residents are reportedly buying fake COVID-19 negative tests

As Coronavirus deaths in the US reach 150,000, there is a shocking revelation that residents of Miami are paying for fake COVID-19 negative tests.

A lady with an unknown identity revealed this in a Twitter thread, alleging that the fraudulent tests is a widespread knowledge in the State of Miami.

See her statement below:

I just moved to Miami & have to get a COVID test/quarantine for 2 weeks before school, which is fine. I was asking where the best places to get tested were & one of them SERIOUSLY said “oh you can pay for a fake negative test & you wouldn’t have to quarantine. Tons of ppl do it”

LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS? During a fucking pandemic, while Miami is one of the hot spots for COVID, people are buying fake negative tests to go back to work. No wonder we are NEVER going to get back to normal.

I just stared at the man, and am currently doing research on LEGIT testing areas so I can go get my mf nostrils swabbed and be a decent fucking human.
Really did not expect this to blow up!! BUT wear your damn masks, be kind to people, and demand Justice for Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, & all the Black people being brutalized/murdered/incarcerated ESPECIALLY Black Trans Women! They deserve so much better, keep fighting!
Also shoutout to all the people putting LEGIT testing areas in the comments! I have an appointment for tomorrow to get mine, but any other people in the Miami area looking for safe, easy, and non-fraudulent COVID tests. cannot independently verify are claims.


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