Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky escapes floods through her car window

The Spanish actress, who is married to Marvel star Chris Hemsworth, found herself trapped in a car on a flooded roadway near her home in Byron Bay, Australia.

According to a post she shared on Instagram, she said: “I got stuck, yes. Awesome. Oh God, oh God, what am I doing?”.

“A bit too optimistic? I was so sure I could cross!” she captioned one clip, adding, “What two days of rain can do!”

Eventually, the mom of three was forced to climb out of the car window, while two kids, presumably her own, watch. Another clip shows Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi and a few other men preparing to tow the car out of the flooded road.

“What would I do without you guys?” she said as the video ended.


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