BREAKING: Mali opposition rejects ECOWAS plan, insists president quit


Malian opposition has rejected the four-point plan proposed by ECOWAS. The country’s opposition insisted that the president quit, according to by AFP.

In its four-point plan included holding new elections for 31 parliamentary seats which were contested, sparking protests after the country’s constitutional court ruled in favour of Keita’s party.

Infuriated by corruption, disputed local election results and army losses to jihadists, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent weeks, sparking clashes with police in which the United Nations says at least 14 protesters have died this month.

The opposition, a group called M5-RFP whose figurehead is Saudi-trained Muslim cleric Mahmoud Dicko, has said it will not quit until Keita steps down, raising concerns in neighbouring countries of a protracted crisis.

ECOWAS leaders, however, did not agree with the opposition’s call for Keita’s resignation. Instead, they demanded the formation of a unity government and called on the opposition to be part of that unity government.


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