REVELATION: New York Attorney General approved a deal that would have seen Harvey Weinstein pay nothing to his victims

There is a revelation that the New York State Attorney General Letitia James signed off on a Harvey Weinstein settlement deal that included terms she supposedly promised victims’ attorney wouldn’t be included.

The settlement deal that James approved was negotiated by lawyer Elizabeth Fegan, acting on behalf of multiple Weinstein accusers and is now off the table after it was rejected by Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein on July 14.

In his decision, Hellerstein called the deal ‘obnoxious’ and said that Fegan ‘was wasting (her) time.’

‘Harvey Weinstein joins those who ask me to approve it, but makes no contribution to the settlement. Indeed, he benefits from it, financially as well as by obtaining a release of claims,’ Hellerstein wrote in a written ruling released Friday, according to the New York Daily News.