Hushpuppi hires another top lawyer as case moves to California

Alleged cyber fraudster and hacker, Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi, will be represented in court by Vicki Podberesky, as his case proceeds to Los Angeles in California

Gal Pissetzky represented Hushpuppi in the U.S city of Chicago where he has been held since he was extradited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alongside other members of his gang.

Mrs. Podberesky of Andrues/Podberesky law firm based in Los Angeles, specialises in representing individuals in both state and federal criminal matters, as well as companies and individuals in administrative and in-house investigations.

Dubai-based Hushpuppi and 12 other members of his gang were arrested on June 10, 2020 after six raids carried out simultaneously.

Woodberry was arrested alongside Hushpuppi (Instagram)

Woodberry was arrested alongside Hushpuppi (Instagram)

Among those arrested was Olalekan Ponle, aka Woodberry, whose case has since been dismissed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)accuses Hushpuppi of being part of a network that made “hundreds of millions of dollars”from business email compromise frauds and other scams.

37-year-old Hushpuppi was formerly held in the Metropolitan Correction Centre in Chicago but he’s now been transported to Los Angeles by the U.S. Marshals Service, following a court ruling in the Northern District of Illinois.

Pitsetssky, a top criminal defence lawyer, who is only licensed to practice in Chicago, has applied to appear Pro hac vice (meaning for this occasion only) on behalf of the alleged fraudster in California.

Pro hac vice refers to a practice whereby a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice in a certain jurisdiction, is allowed to participate in a particular case in that jurisdiction.

The out-of-jurisdiction attorney is required to provide the court with a statement from his local bar association indicating that he is a member in good standing.

In most jurisdictions, the attorney appearing pro hac vice must continue to associate with a locally licensed attorney, also referred to as “local counsel.”

Hushpuppi lived an extravagant, charmed life and drove the latest automobiles (Punch)

Hushpuppi lived an extravagant, charmed life and drove the latest automobiles (Punch)

However, the degree to which the local counsel is required or expected to participate in the matter varies.

Pitsetssky told Premium Times that the case is yet to go to trial as the U.S. government is yet to turn over all the evidence.

He said the date for the next appearance is yet to be released.