Several people injured at police brutality protest in Colorado after a driver plowed into crowd, protester shot one man

At least one person was shot and another injured after a protester fired a gun at a person who drove into an anti-police brutality rally in Aurora, Colo., Saturday, according to police, according to report by New York Daily

An unidentified driver in a blue Jeep “decided to drive through the crowd” around 7 p.m. Saturday, Aurora police said in a statement.

A protester then fired at the driver, instead hitting another protester in the leg. A second protester reported to the hospital with a graze wound.

The group of people were protesting the death of Elijah McClain, the 23-year-old Black massage therapist who died in police custody seven days after going into cardiac arrest after officers applied a chokehold on him and used ketamine to sedate him after someone called 911 on him for being “suspicious” while walking down the street.

Witnesses told the Aurora Sentinel that another “hero” driver prevented worse damage Saturday by moving his truck in front of the oncoming Jeep.

“It was a snap decision, because it was, ‘If I don’t slow this guy down, he’s going to kill people,’” the truck driver, Sebastian Sassi, told the newspaper. “The guy was clearly trying to kill people and f–k that.”


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