BREAKING: At least 50 prisoners escape in South Africa’s Malmesbury prison, hijacked a bus


In South Africa, around 50 prisoners have escaped from a prison and hijacked a vehicle, according to reports.

Footage shows the inmates, said to be from Malmesbury Prison in South Africa, running in all different directions near a Toyota dealership.

One person wrote on social media: “A number of prisoners have escaped from Old prison opposite Malmesbury police station, some hijacked a small Kia Bakkie and some at Swartland High Schools hostage situation.”

Video Footage showing the prisoners running away. Source: Mirror

Another added: “45 prisoners escaped from Malmesbury prison. Please be safe if you around the area. They could be anywhere.”

And a third said: “About 50 inmates just escaped from Malmesbury prison across the Malmesbury SAPD a Hyundai H100 reg nr CJ14753 was hijacked.

“The ones in the truck is heading direction Durbanville. Pics to follow. Please be on the lookout if heading those directions and inform SAPD.”