Russia says US sanction on Chechen leader was an anti-Russia tactics

Russia through its official news agency, TASS, said in a statement that theUS State Department’s sanctions against head of Russia’s Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov fit into Washington’s anti-Russian course, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday.

“It looks like a yet another attempt to justify the allocation of budget funds to the US foreign policy agency for payments for an entire mass of specialists on digging any Russophobic information. In this case, it is about our country, and in general – [information] on citizens of all undesirable coluntries,” she said. “It all fits into the course towards our country: containment, violation of the international law, based on self-imposed title of ‘exceptional’ country.”

On July 20, the US State Department announced visa sanctions against Kadyrov. The sanctions have been imposed in compliance with a law that forbids entry to the people, who the US authorities consider involved in corruption and violation of human rights. Besides the head of Chechnya, restrictions also cover Kadyrov’s spouse Medni and his daughters, Ayshat and Khadijat.

Commenting on the fact that the sanctions also cover Kadyrov’s relatives, Zakharova noted: “We would like to ask a well expected question: how exactly Ramzan Kadyrov’s relatives are involved in the alleged violations? It is absolutely unclear.”

The diplomat called allegations against head of Chechnya and his family contrived.

“What do his relatives have to do with this? Especially since proof and evidence is completely absent,” she noted.


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