UPDATE: Hostage-taker in Ukraine has been arrested


Ukraine hostage situation ends with the detention of hostage-taker after several hours of negotiation by the police.

Earlier today, a gunman armed with explosives took over a passenger bus with around 20 people on board in the western Ukrainian city of Lutsk, according to police.

According to TASS News Agency, the man named himself Maksim Plohoy he was believed to be armed with grenades and an automatic weapon. The hostage-taker reported the capture to the police himself and added that he planted “a mine that can detonate at a crowded place.”

A local news agency reported citing its sources that Maksim Plohoy (Maksim the Bad) is actually a pseudonym, and the real name of the terrorist is Maksim Krivosh. According to media reports, the man served time in prison before and underwent forced psychiatric treatment. However, the latter statement was later debunked by Avakov.

Before his arrest, the hostage-taker opened fire towards the law enforcement officers twice and threw a grenade that failed to explode.


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